Senior Developer

London, England, United Kingdom · Tech


We are looking for Senior Developers to join our experienced Software Engineering team of 30+ in modern offices in London, Victoria.

What we do

carwow is the most convenient, stress-free way to find and buy a new car, at a price you can be confident in. carwow aims to solve the major pain points that buyers and dealers experience in the buying process, putting them in a more powerful position than ever before. Offering buyers crucial price confidence, a more convenient hassle free way to find and buy the car they want, and an altogether better buying experience. And it's great news for dealers too. Through carwow, our dealer partners sell more cars than they could in the showroom alone, while reducing cost inefficiencies and increasing stock turnover. This means they can pass on great prices to carwow buyers.

We’re a driven, energetic startup with a team of 180+ based in London (Victoria), Munich and Paris. We are backed by Europe’s leading VCs including:

- Balderton Capital (Betfair, LOVEFiLM, Citymapper, MySQL)

- Accel (Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox, Groupon)

- Vitruvian Partners (JustEat, Skyscanner, Trustpilot)

- Episode 1 (Zoopla, Shazam, LOVEFiLM)

- Samos (Ocado, Betfair, PKR)

We’ve raised over £48m in funding since we launched, so we’re growing fast. We’re relentlessly driven and constantly asking ourselves how we can make carwow better.

What about the product teams?

We're growing and we need to add additional skills and thinking to our Product teams. We like people who speak up and want to work within a truly collaborative environment. You’ll be collaborating with people from different departments, who make up your product team. So, that means you’ll be working with Product Managers, Data Scientists/ Analysts, Developers, and Designers.

Our Development teams work within a fluid Agile environment with occasional pair programming. Well structured, readable code and a strong emphasis on TDD are key to us here.Our site has over 2 million unique visitors per month, usability, data science & analytics and performance are key to us in order to remain competitive in the modern tech scene.

We are pro-OpenSource here and actively encourage our Developers to keep up to date with the latest tech trends. We can’t promise that you’ll be working with the latest Angular framework or whatever might be trending at the time but if it makes sense for the business and it will improve our products then our question is “Why not?”.

Your tasks? We love Ruby, JavaScript, Git, TDD, and OSS and use a bunch of other technologies daily; Haml, Sass, Heroku, AWS being the most usual suspects.

Continuous learning is extremely important to us and we’re keen to learn and have regular study groups - at the moment we are running an internal weekly Elixir coding dojo.

Backlog-free Fridays

Every Friday, our team of Developers are given the freedom to take a break from the backlog and work on something of interest that contributes to the technical maturity and stability of our codebase. This could be by refactoring a particularly tricky part of the codebase, exploring a new framework to solve some our existing problems or even developing a new tool to help make life easier for the team.


● Significant previous experience of working with a dynamic web-based programming language (e.g. Ruby, Python, or PHP)

● Proven experience of TDD

● Proven track record of thinking through and delivering technical solutions for business problems

● Experience of working as part of an Agile product team

● Experience of leading projects

● Experience of building and scaling web applications

● Good communication skills - you can you get your idea across verbally in a manner that developers, analysts, product managers and designers will all understand.


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